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Lo que es del cura va para la iglesia / What's meant to be will be // Margui + Andres

Margui and Andres met 10 years ago in los Roques, Venezuela.Since then, it has been an incredible story. The kind of story you just read in Nicholas Sparks books. The one that actually makes it to movie screens. That kind of love. The one that no matter the distance or time, you can't forget. (You will see what I am talking about in the video below!)

They decided to celebrate their union in Miami, where the palm trees, the sea and the sun made them feel in Venezuela. Margui and Andres are family persons. Big family persons. All their close relatives where there: cousins, aunts, grandparents, siblings, parents and friends. Flying from Europe, across the US and Latin america, everyone wanted to see this dream-love come true. Specially me, who have believed in their chemistry and magic since day 1.

They both love Reggae and their song is called "la complicidad" from Cultura profetica which goes like this:

The complicity is such

that our vibrations complement each other

what you have I need

and what I have makes you more complete

The affinity is so much

I look your eyes and I know what you think

I love you because you are so many

beautiful little things that make me feel so good

Honoured to have captured in video this one in a life time love.

Hope you enjoy it. Photocredits are for @anabellapadula.

To end this post, I want to say how incredibly happy I am to have witnessed this relationship throughout my life, to have been their bridesmade and cameragirl as well ! How do I work and celebrate at the same time?! One of the things I love about filming is that it makes me live the moment with more intensity, opening all my senses and letting all the emotions in. So yes; I get pleasure out of it and it doesn't stop me from having a lot of fun. (Who was the only lucky friend who got to be with the bride during her preparation?! MEEEE!!!)

Spotted: filming with my bridesmade dress

With love,


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