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Romantic Escape/ A journey trough the Nile River

This is a post about my romantic escape of 2017. My husband and I decided to go to a Cruise through the Nile River, going from Louxor to Aswan and then Abu Simbel by Car. It was all planned by Voyage Privee and although we expected a relaxing trip where I could sleep all I wanted (not) it was an amazing experience and mainly, a discovery for us of the magic and mystery of Ancient Egypt. To be honest, I felt a country of contrasts. A country with over 5000 years of history and amazing temples. A country of ancient culture and knowledge that even today is unexplainable for us. Yet, a country filled with hunger, poorness and reigned by economical and political crisis.

We were lucky (in a dramatical way) to visit temples without crowds. We had the privilege to be 40 persons in a boat that could hold 500, The Nile Azur. The staff and guides where amazing and very special persons. Every night we had a little surprise in our room. I like Egyptian people. I feel sorry for them... I feel sorry that their main industry - tourism - is going so bad. This factor made the visits at the Zouk (market) a little difficult since they follow you for hours in order to sell something. I personally have a thing for kids... (maybe is the mother instinct) I couldn't say no to them. So I bought every bracelet I could and I tried to help in every way I could.

Anyways, as usual; I travelled with my camera because pictures (and movies!) always speak better than words.


More pics:

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