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Stephy + Franck, and the kids.

Stephy and Franck agreed to be one on a rainy (and very cozy) June the 3rd 2017. But Stephy and Franck are much more than that. They are a couple. They have been in love for more than 15 years. Stephy and Franck are not just one, they are 1. 2. 3. 4. Two plus two. They are a family. A house full of love and dreams. Their union made everyone extremely happy; mut mostly their kids.

/ / A la francaise:

Stephy et Franck se sont dit oui le 3 juin 2017. Mariage sous la pluie? Oui, mariage heureux. Plus qu'un couple heureux, c'était une foule de personnes heureuses. Après plus de 15 ans d'amour, Franck et Stephy font plus qu'un... enfin, 2 + 2, 4. Une famille heureuse, remplie pleine de joie, d'amour et d'animaux... 1 petite fille, 1 petit garçon, 1 chien, 1 chat, 1 poisson rouge, et des poules ! Que peut-on demander de plus!?


" I am happy they didn't get married before I was born, I wouldn't have been able to celebrate it with them"

- Daughther of the bride and groom

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